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  I moved from NY to LA at 18. Deferred from Parsons school of Design for one year in order to explore the real world. 

   I got lucky, landed a gig right away, and received THE BEST film education working for director Sam Raimi,  producers Ian Bryce and the late Laura Ziskin's  on SPIDERMAN.

 There was no turning back. I was hooked and spent the next few years figuring out how to merge my love of film and fashion into a legit career.

At 23 I designed my very first movie " Quinceanera".  Sundance awarded it both Juror and Audience award that year. I had discovered a career I loved.  Many years of hustle, hard work and refining my craft followed. 

 To date, I  have worked on locations all over the US and most recently Puerto Rico costume designing for series and features.

Photo of the artist

About  Me:

 My goal as a Costume designer is to do all I can to facilitate the  vision of the project while bringing  professionalism, skill, flexibility  and the ability to work with all types of personalities, inside the fitting room and out. 

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